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Am I a Candidate for TAVR?

TAVR is a minimally invasive treatment option for severe aortic stenosis in high-risk patients who are not eligible for traditional open-heart surgery.

Who should schedule a screening?

The TAVR procedure is not right for everyone. In certain cases, the risks of the procedure may outweigh the benefits.

Who should not consider the TAVR surgery?

  • Anyone whose aortic valve is not calcified
  • Anyone who has a blood clot or an abnormal growth
  • Anyone who has an infection in the heart or infections elsewhere
  • Anyone who already has had a prosthetic (man-made) valve implanted in any of their four heart valves, with the exception of the mitral valve
  • Anyone who has aortic stenosis along with moderate or severe aortic regurgitation (when your valve does not fully close and allows blood to leak backwards through the valve)
  • Anyone who has severe disease of their mitral valve requiring surgery
  • Anyone whose aortic valve is either too small or too big

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