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Erika's Story - Congestive Heart Failure at 29


Erika was just 29 years-old when she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Nearly a year after the birth of her first child, she began to experience shortness of breath along with other concerning symptoms. As her health began to deteriorate, she was immediately referred to Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital, where she was treated by interventional cardiologist Manu Pillai, M.D. and cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon, Naveed Saqib, M.D., along with a comprehensive team of nurses and affiliated physicians. While in the hospital, the intensive care unit nurses organized her son’s 1st birthday party, so the young mother would not miss the once-in-a-lifetime moment. Erika is now back with her family and on her road to recovery. Physicians continue to monitor her closely, and thanks to an advanced technology called the “Life Vest”, she will receive a lifesaving shock should her heart ever stop unexpectedly.