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Prevention & Diagnosis of Heart Disease

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Heart Screenings

Are You at Risk for Heart and Vascular Disease or Stroke?

Primary care physicians and cardiologists may recommend a variety of heart screenings to evaluate risk or stage of heart disease. Memorial Hermann offers specialized heart screening programs to find heart disease before symptoms are present.

Memorial Hermann Heart and Vascular Screenings 

The Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute-Southwest offers self-pay screenings that assess your risk for heart and vascular disease and for stroke. A Memorial Hermann Southwest-affiliated, board-certified cardiovascular physician will review your results. No physician referral is required.

Stroke Screening - $40

The stroke screening looks for plaque in the neck arteries that could be a potential source for stroke.

A rhythm analysis confirms the heart is in a regular rhythm and not in atrial fibrillation, an irregular rhythm that increases the risk of stroke.

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Vascular Screening Package - $150

The vascular screening package includes noninvasive screenings to determine your risk for vascular disease, including screenings for stroke, abdominal aortic aneurysm and peripheral vascular disease.

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Complete Heart and Vascular Screening
Package - $299

The complete heart and vascular screening package includes blood work, noninvasive heart and vascular screenings, and a health history and assessment. These screenings help to detect peripheral vascular disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, irregular heart rhythm, and other heart and vascular diseases.

At a follow-up appointment you will collaborate with a healthcare professional to create your individualized plan of action to minimize your risk for stroke and heart and vascular disease.

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