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Women's Heart Healthy Program

Today's woman is unstoppable - until she develops heart disease. This life-threatening condition strikes one out of every three American women, taking the lives of nearly half a million women every year. That's one life lost every minute.

Differences Between Men and Women

When it comes to heart disease, the differences between men and women are more dramatic than researchers once thought. New findings suggest that heart disease in women may be a fundamentally different disease. Women experience:

  • less-common symptoms of heart attack;
  • a higher complication rate when undergoing surgical procedures; and
  • often don't develop signs or symptoms until their 50s - almost a decade later than men
  • Even plaque develops in women's arteries differently than it does in men's, making coronary atherosclerosis harder to detect.

Heart Disease Prevention for Women

There is good news. Heart disease largely can be prevented. When detected early and treated with medication, women have a better chance than men of arresting the advance of heart disease, reversing the process and reducing their risk of a heart attack.

Women's Heart Healthy Program

That's why Memorial Hermann created the Women's Heart Healthy Program. It's designed specifically for women who want to make a healthy living - and a healthy heart - a personal priority.

This new program incorporates leading-edge technology in a private setting, offering personalized, hands-on care provided by board-certified cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons affiliated with Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute-Texas Medical Center.

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